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War Wounds

Of all the wounds ever had in war
The wounds of love hurt the most
In all the sounds ever made so far
The end of war made love it's host

The wounds of a soldier do not equal the wounds of all of the souls who lost their loved ones in the war to end tyrants and warmongers and gave their lives establish the True Liberty that gave us our constitutional rights. There's satisfaction knowing that it will help the people who helped preserve our freedom, safety, and liberty who have risked their lives for us so we can live in the American Dream safely united with all our loved ones.




Funeral Video for Two slain soon to be Rap Stars

This is a funeral ceremony speech given by the Director, Tom Ato, commemorating two rappers who were murdered just six days after the video was wrapped. Tom speaks to the church congregation about the vanity of urban gang violence in LA and other cities throughout the world and how inner-city urban ghettos are a means of covert racial genocide engineered by racist bureaucrats who design ways to promote inner city mutual racial suicide in close urban quarters, too close for comfort, amongst frustrated and irritated youths. Please donate to The Red, White and Blue Cross ( in order to help the grieving families of these youths that are victims of gang violence.

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